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Master Series: Camera Prep-To-Post | Next Level Camera Prep & Effective Communication with Key Players

Sun Feb 11, 2018
Keslow Camera
1225 Keith Rd E #2, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1J3
$50 No-Show Fee
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Louise Baker-Griffiths

This is an intensive one day practical and theoretical course designed for beginner and intermediate 1st ACs, 2nd ACs, and DITs that covers industry standards and best practice techniques for preparing a two camera package for a TV Series, with transferable skills for Feature, MOWs and Commercials. 

PREREQUISITE: Tenure member, or have taken the Member Orientation

Modules Include:
  • Investigating the full breadth of the 2nd AC, 1st AC and DIT roles from pre-production to the post pathway. 
  • How to use communication and delegation to work as a better team member with rental houses, the production office, transportation teams and necessary crew.
  • Full examination of up to date and popular camera gear commonly asked for on TV Series - including correct handling, prepping and maintenance of the equipment during prep, shoot and wrap.

Practical exercises include:

  • Building of camera package
  • Camera Truck 101
  • Effective rental house communication
  • Systems for ordering and returning gear
  • Shooting schedules and calendar 
  • Production paperwork, petty cash, expendables
  • Proper labelling 
  • Shipping of gear
  • Effective communication with the transportation team, production office, post production office and the Cinematographer
  • Trouble shooting common camera prep issues.